The Beautiful Toe Rings Keep You Healthy Too! Why Not Try It?

In India, there is a tradition of wearing a toe ring for a Hindu woman. The silver toe ring is symbolism of married women like kumkum (red turmeric powder worn on the forehead). People believe that wearing a toe ring brings skill, respect, and responsibility in the family. It is also the proud symbol of one’s marital status.

There is a lot of social and religious significance of toe rings. But today we will talk about the health benefits of wearing a toe ring.

The toe rings are made of silver, which is a good conductor and helps to absorb polar energies of the earth and rejuvenate the internal system. Wearing a toe ring results in acupressure benefits as they press certain nerves in the feet, which helps the generative system of a woman.

According to Ayurveda (the Hindu medical system), married women wear the silver rings in the second toe of both feet, which connects directly to the uterus. Light pressure is created due to the toe rings, which then regulate the menstruation cycle, and ensures a healthy uterus.

According to Hindu mythologytoe ring Hindu tradition has been a part since Ramayana (Treta Yug or over 5,000 years). When Ravan abducted Maa Sita, she threw her toe ring in the path, so that Lord Ram can locate her.

In a Hindu wedding, there is a ceremony where the husband put the silver rings to his wife’s toe. Silver ring works like a magnet that flushes out negative energy from a woman’s body, soothes it, and helps the flow of positive energy in the body.

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