Goddess Shitala- The Protector & Healer Of Deadly Diseases You Must Worship

Goddess Shitala or Sitala (spelled as Sheetala also) is highly warbled and praised by devotees of North and East Indian territories. Goddess Shitala is another form of Goddess Durga with large numbers of believers. Hindus worship her as she cures and perishes sores, poxes, pustules, ghouls, and other contagious diseases.

The Shitala Puja takes place on Shitala Asthami, the 8th day after the Holi festival (festival of colors). The goddess is seen resting on a donkey, wearing a crowned fan, holding a broom and water pot filled with medicinal water to cure the ailments like cholera, smallpox, etc.

Goddess Shitala is called Maa or Mata Shitala (mother) by her devotees because she heals all the illnesses of humankind, takes care of us like a mother plus spread the coolness among the fever patients. Eventually, in Sanskrit, the name Shitala signifies “One who cools”.

Consequently, people of West Bengal eat rice soaked in water on the Shitala Puja day to hydrate and cool the body. As Shitala Puja arrives in March or April in the peak summertime, remarkably, this traditional food item hydrates and detoxifies the human body and prevents the body from getting heated.

Pray to Goddess Shitala to get protected from deadly seasonal diseases, more, try this mentioned food item with some fried veggies in summer to hydrate your body.

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