Number 108 Only A Number Or Does It Have Any Inherent Significance? Let’s Know

We often hear the number 108′in terms of yoga or chanting any devotional mantras. But why so? What this number 108 in Hinduism indicate?

The number 108 is considered sacred in Hinduism, Yoga culture, and also in Buddhism. While practicing yoga or devotional meditation, people seem to chant yogic mantras or prayers 108 times in a repeated mode. Eventually, the strings of Japa mala or beads (made out of rudraksha or tulsi beads or other) are 108.

In Hinduism, the number of 108 is significant. The Sanskrit alphabet has 54 letters, which has two energies (Feminine/Shakti=54 and Masculine/Shiva=54). So, the calculation stands like 54×2=108.

Scientifically, the diameter of the sun and the distance of the sun and earth is 108 times. Also, the breadth of the moon and the interval between the moon and earth is 108 times.

In the yogic tradition, a human being has 114 chakras in his body. Out of them, 2 chakras are outside of our body, and 4 chakras operate automatically. So, the rest of the 108 chakras are there, which one needs to work with to get into the alignment of the cosmos. For that, 108 times mantra chanting during yoga or sun salutation is required.

Moreover, it is said that we have 108 feelings regarding past (36), present (36), and future (36). Eventually, as a mortal, we do have 108 mundane desires in our life.

While practicing yoga or any other meditation, you must consider 108 times mantra chanting for the betterment of your health.

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