Celebrate The Significant Hindu Festival Vat Purnima For The Eternal Bond With Your Partner

In India, there are countless Hindu festivals held on every month dedicated to any particular Hindu deities among thirty-three crores God and Goddess. Each festival holds its individuality and uniqueness.

Among those festivals, Vat Purnima is a special religious festival praised by Hindu married women of Western and eastern Indian regions. The celebration happens for three days on the full moon or Purnima of the Hindu month, Jyeshtha.

It is observed by married women for the sake of their husband’s health and prosperity. Despite this, they also plead to get married to the same husband in each life. Therefore, on Vat Purnima, women observe fast and follow the ritual. They tie a ceremonial thread around a Banyan tree (Vat Vriksha) with the hope of their husband’s prosper.

Vat Purnima is also recognized as ‘Vat Savitri’ as this celebration dedicated to the two epic characters of Mahabharat- Savitri, and Satyaban. Women pay admiration to Savitri through this celebration as she brought back Satyaban’s (husband of Savitri) life from Yamathe God of death.

Consider celebrating this festival for the long lifespan of your husband and the eternal bond of both of you for all entities.

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