Observe Ravivar Vrat And Donate Foods On Sunday & Accomplish Your Dreams

Sunday or Ravivar in Hindi is devoted to Lord Surya or Sun God. As per several kinds of research, the natural influence of Sun stays very high on this particular day. Sunday is preferably the day for celebration, and suitable to hang out with friends and family.

In India, families usually observe Ravivar Vrat or fasting on Sunday to overcome skin disorders and diseases. Also, devotees observe Sunday Vrat in order to receive blessings from Lord Sun to start something new or new ventures.

Rituals of Ravivar Vrat:

People generally keep fasting on Sunday prefer eating only once a day and that too before sunset. Besides, they prevent consuming salt, oil, and fried food items too.

Devotees offer Lord Sun or Surya Dev red color flowers and apply red sandalwood paste as “Tilak” on their forehead. They believe, worshipping Surya Dev on Sunday removes every type of disease or illness from their body.

Donating foods and alms on Sunday is considered auspicious and helps devotees accomplish their desires. To prevent illness, treat yourself and your family, you should consider observing Ravivar Vrat each week.

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