Perform Puja Prayer To Obtain Inner & Mental Purity

In Hinduism, every Hindu festival or before the starting of any good thing, Hindus perform puja. Puja (prayer) is performed to please the Hindu deities and to get their blessings. Now, what is a puja? Why and how the Hindu traditional puja is being performed?

The Sanskrit word puja means “to worship the deities”. It comprises various religious Hindu rituals, including daily prayer. While offering puja, some steps are followed:

  1. Arati: In this ritual, devotees offer lights, incense sticks, and flowers to the god while chanting prayer songs or devotional songs.
  1. Prasad: The offering of some sweets and fruits to the god to eat is Prasad.
  1. Upavasa: People observe fasting or Upavasa and breaks after the prayer ends.
  1. Havan: Havan is the sacrificial fire in which devotees dedicate several holy elements like Ghee, Coconut, Sandalwood, Bael leaf, etc.
  1. Jagaran: Mostly performed at night, the vigil is sacred, and the spiritual method involves some devotional songs.
  1. Sandhya Upasana: The prayer performed in the evening or at dusk to gain wisdom.

Although, puja is conducted to obtain mental and inner purity and helps to focus on life. You only need just an idol or image of the deity to worship.

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