Practice Parayan And Feel Connected To Your Preferred God

Practice Parayan And Feel Connected To Your Preferred God

Parayan is a Sanskrit word that signifies reading and getting associated with holy books, especially Hindu scriptures. Mostly, devotees choose the Purana entitled to their Ishtadev or Kul Devta (cherished divinity). It simply means the chosen deity of their preference.

Devotees usually believe that by listening or reading to their preferred Khanda or Charitra (piece) with devotion, they will make the Lord satisfy. Hence, God will fulfill all their wishes.

Rites of Parayan:

However, Parayan can be transported out as a Saptah Parayan (week’s reading), or an individual can read one chapter at a time during the Brahma Muhurta. Nevertheless, the practitioner of Parayan has to draw complete concentration and is not allowed to talk to anyone during the reading session.

Even some scholars believe this reading and worship activity being next to meditation. Besides, people also consider that a person practicing Parayan needs to abstain from consuming several food items like onion, garlic, and other nong-vegetarian edibles.

The adherents chant holy mantras connected with their chosen deity before and after conducting Parayan. It is believed to calm the mind down and help the devotee connect to the Lord.

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