Pray To Shanidev On Saturday & Get Rid Of Rage Of Planet Saturn

In Hindu mythology, Saturday (Hindi: Shanivar) is considered to be the day of the Vedic god Shanidev. Hindus fast and worship for Shanidev on Saturday (Shanivar Vrat) to gratify him. “Shanivar Vrat” or Saturday fast benefits a lot of the people.

Shanidev is the god of Planet Saturn. If you have astrological issues like agony or the misfortunate of planet Saturn, then you should consider praising Shanidev.

People who believe in astrology, plus the bad effect of Saturn or fear of Shani fast on Saturday. Adherents believe that by observing the rituals and performing Shani pooja, they will be relieved from Shani’s wrath.

Some people keep Saturday fast for Lord Hanuman and worship him. Hanuman saves his devotees from the pantile of Shani due to the promise made by the planet. Lord Shani also never harm any Hanuman devotees. Consequently, people praise lord Hanuman in Shanidev’s temple for his blessings.

Watch this video to know the significance of Shani dev and his impact on your astrology:

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