Start Living As A Joint Family Like Indians Do & Stay Mentally Fit!

Start Living As A Joint Family Like Indians Do & Stay Mentally Fit!

A joint family or undivided family is a type of extended family arrangement that we can see in India. The Joint family tradition is common in the Indian sub-continent. From the oldest social establishment, these joint families have survived, and still, it’s in the same place. They are called traditional families.

In a joint family, three or more generations are living together in one house. Grandparents, uncle, aunt, kids everyone lives jointly and happily. Family members spend more time and cherish life together. It results in a strong bond and unity with each other.

A joint family is a great institution for kids’ upbringing. It’s very impactful for a kids’ brain and heart development. They learn to nurture and preserve the cultural and social values and share things. Grandparents pass on their wisdom to the next generation. So, traditional family values and customs keep passing on from generation to generation.

But in modern civilization, urbanization has affected the whole Indian family system. The number of joint families has decreased. People started living as nuclear families. Therefore, people started forgetting our old-age wisdom as youngsters don’t live with their grandparents.

The typical Indian joint family system is continuing from ancient times. You should expand your family as a joint family and bring back the tradition. Because living in a joint family has so many advantages than you could ever imagine.

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