The Destructive Weapons Ever In Indian History Used By The Hindu Deities

Hindu mythology never fails to amaze the world with its bag of versatile stories about Hindu gods and goddesses that are definitely a part of the Hindu culture. The richness and intensity of these mythological stories make all category people go WOW!

Some deities have cool, calm nature, or some have a reference of their terrifying forms in Hindu scriptures, Vedas and Puranas. And in those cases, their divine Astras or the weapon of mass destruction plays an incredible role. Let’s have a look at those destructive yet cool weapons from Hindu mythology.

  1. Shiva’s Trishul: The Trident of Shiva is the utmost powerful weapon in the universe that can shatter the entire existence instantly. No divine force, but only Lord Shiva can withstand the power of his Trishul.
  1. Brahmaastra: The missile weapon of Lord Brahma that has unparalleled strength. The hurling of this weapon can be so devastating that surrounding humans of the land can become infertile.
  1. Sudarshana Chakra: The powerful disc-like prime weapon of Lord Vishnu, having 108 notched edges. Sudarshan Chakra means the disk of auspicious vision. When thrown, the chakra continually moves around and return to the assailant after slaying the enemy.
  1. Chandrahas: The indestructible sword of King Ravana, which he got from Lord Shiva by pleasing Shiva with his Shiva Tandava Stotra
  2. Nandaka: The story of this mighty sword of Vishnu is mentioned in Vishnu Purana, which he used to defeat the demon Lohasur while defending Lord Brahma. Nandaka represents Knowledge.
  1. Teen Baan: It signifies the three arrows of Babrika, having three individual characteristics. The first arrow marks all the targets the archer wishes to hit, and the third one destroys them, while the second one targets those who are meant to be saved.
  1. Kaladanda: This is the weapon of Yamathe god of death, which, if thrown, can demolish the target despite the protection or boons.
  1. Rudra Astra: Disposed of Shiva, this is another mighty weapon that can turn land into ashes with its powerful beams. It has the power of one of the 11 Rudras.
  1. Gandiva: It is Arjun’s bow (originally Shiva’s that kept passing on from deities to deities), which he used during the Kurukshetra war. The bow had 108 strings that create thunderclap and flash whenever fired, made the bowman unbeatable.
  1. Indra Vajra: This was the thunderbolt weapon of the sky lord Indra, which he used against the demons Namuchi and Vritra to save the earth. This unique weaponry could release thunderbolt, was initially given by Vishnu to Indra.

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