The Untold Story Of Samudra Manthan

The Samudra Manthan is one of the biggest episodes of Hindu mythology narrated in the Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana, and Mahabharata. It explains the origin of Amrita – the magical nectar of immortality and the omnipotent god of destruction Shiva drank the Halahala poison.

Story of Samudra Manthan:

It was the story of that time when heaven was the adobe of deities and filled with glory. But, due to the curse of the greatest Indian sage, Durvasa Muni, Lord Indra, and other divinities lost their wealth, glory and became weak and mortal. Alongside heaven, the complete universe became inferior.

Taking advantage of this situation, Bali – the king of demons, attacked and won the battle against deities, obtaining control over the universe. To resolve the problem, everyone went to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu advised everyone to proceed with Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). Hence, they can restore the prosperity in the universe and get their power and grandeur of heaven back. He also advised taking demons with them.

To churn the ocean, Mount Mandrachal was used (Mandara or Mandar Mountain). Along with Mandrachal, the god of snakes, Vasuki played the role of the rope during Samudra Manthan. While Samudra Manthan, Lord Vishnu took his Kurma avatar (incarnated as a tortoise) and supported Mt. Mandrachal on its back. And the Samudra Manthan finally began.

1. Halahal Poison:

During the process, 14 gems emerged, among which the first and most dangerous one was Halahal. Halahal or Kalkoot was a vicious poison that was harmful to both gods and demons. However, Lord Shiv prevented this problem by swallowing the poison, and he kept the poison in his throat, which is why he named as “Neelkanth.”

2. Kamdhenu Cow:

In Puranas, Kamdhenu is described as the cow who fulfilled every wish.

3. Uchchaihshravas Horse:

It’s a seven-headed white horse and is considered the fastest among all horses.

4. Airavata:

Airavata was a white, beautiful elephant with four tusks. It became the vehicle of Indra and was named Indrahasti or Indrakunjar.

5. Kaustubha Mani:

Lord Vishnu wore this gem in his heart.

6. Kalpavriksha:

In Puranas, Kalpavriksha or Kalpataru is the tree that fulfills everyone’s wishes like Kamdhenu.

7. Parijat Tree:

The flowers from Parijat Tree get prominently used to worship gods and goddesses.

8. Varuni:

Varuni is known as Madeira or wine, given to demons.

9. Rambha:

As per belief, Rambha was the main nymph of the court of India dev emerge from Samudra Manthan.

10. Goddess Laxmi:

Laxmi appeared from the ocean sitting on a lotus.

11. Panchajanya Sankha:

A conch named Panchajanya emerged from Samudra Manthan.

12. Dhanvantri:

Dhanvantri is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

13. Chandra (Moon):

It’s said that Moon actually originated during Samudra Manthan that got placed on Lord Shiva’s head.

14. Amrit:

And, Amrit or nectar was the supreme treasure that gods and demons were fighting for. It is said to provide immortality if consumed.

Hence, Vishnu incarnated as Mohini and distracted demons, and finally, the nectar went to the gods, and they got back their power and glory.

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