Most Interesting Facts Of Goddess Saraswati That You Didn’t Know

Goddess or Maa Saraswati is known as “The Mother of Vedas” in Hinduism and Hindu Sastras. There’s a saying that Saraswati Maa is the repository of the knowledge and intelligence of Lord Brahma.

Interesting Facts Of Goddess Saraswati:

  • She is eventually part of the Trinity GoddessesParvati, Laxmi, and Saraswati.
  • However, the name Saraswati defines as “Saras,” which means essence or knowledge, and “Wati” means the one who possesses.
  • That Veena that goddess Saraswati holds does not solely symbolize harmony but also signifies wisdom and intellect.
  • The lotus on which Maa Saraswati rests is considered as the symbol of “Supreme Knowledge.
  • This goddess gets acknowledged as the personification of all arts, science, crafts, knowledge, and skills. Knowledge is the antithesis of the darkness of ignorance. Hence, she gets depicted as pure white in color.
  • Mata Saraswati gets remembered on “Vasant Panchami,” a Hindu festival, which is also the birth ceremony of Goddess Saraswati. Each year, people celebrate this festival on the fifth day of spring in February. The Hindi word “Vasant” means “spring,” and “Panchami” means “the fifth day.”

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