Upscale Your Spiritual & Physical Well-being With Ayurveda Moon Bathing

Upscale Your Spiritual & Physical Well-being With Ayurveda Moon Bathing

From the ancient period, the moon is considered and associated with feminine energy and fertility. According to Vedic astrology and Ayurveda, as the moon affects the water bodies causing tides, and also Hindu festivals depend on the moon, it also has a direct impact on women’s menstrual cycle.

The lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle both are 28-days lengthy circles. Ayurveda says a healthy woman will always bleed on new-moon and ovulate on full-moon. This process is called the circadian rhythm, which nowadays is being disturbed by artificial lights, causing mental, physical, plus behavioral changes.

So, Ayurveda has recommended Moon bathing as an essential treatment for several conditions. Moon has a cooling effect on our body and mind. Moon exposures tranquilize the Pitta Dosha plus the ailment for hypertension, anger, mood-swings, migraine, inflammation, eczema, rashes, body odor, and more.

Besides, Ayurveda moon bathing benefits extensively, like, it reduces anxiety, stress, lower the blood pressure level, and increase fertility by regulating the natural menstrual cycle. Moonlight helps to discharge melatonin that elevates relaxation. The refreshing, glowing, vibrant moonlight also helps to maintain good eyesight. Moon bathing provides mental and spiritual benefits as well.

As moonlight is the reflected ray of the sun, it provides vitamin D and nitric acid that regulates blood flow in the body and helps to maintain hormonal balance.

So, ladies with menstrual disorders should consider Ayurveda moon bathing between waxing-moon and full-moon. Let your body absorb the bright, glowing, soft, healing light for at least 30mins and feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and energized.

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