Using Dasapushpam – The Ten Sacred Herbs In Ayurveda Boost Baby Skin Immunity

Using Dasapushpam - The Ten Sacred Herbs In Ayurveda Boost Baby Skin Immunity

Dasha Pushpam or Dasapushpam is a set of ten sacred flowers, traditionally considered significant due to their medicinal character and use. The local residents of Kerala commonly use these herbs to prepare some remedial folk medicines and potions.

However, since ancient times, these sacred herbs and flowers are blended and fused to formulate a herbal preparation, which was later bought into use by Ayurvedic and Unani healers for skin remedies and other issues. In Kerala, the Ayurveda specialists and physicians prepare remedial potions, folk medicines, and other cure oils using these herbs and flowers by following the ancient methods.

List of Dasapushpam:

  1. Dhurva
  2. Shankhpushpi
  3. Lilac tassel flower
  4. Cherula (Mountain knotgrass)
  5. Lakshmana (morning glory)
  6. Kali Musli (Golden eye-grass)
  7. Little ironweed
  8. False Daisy
  9. Balloon Vine, and
  10. Viparitalajjalu

Dasapushpam is a bunch of ancient heritage that helps cure various unrecognizable skin diseases, especially for infants. Due to the anti-bacterial properties, these elements can anticipate an array of epidermis diseases.

You can massage your infant with Dasapushpam Baby Oil to boost the baby’s skin immunity. It also develops a child mentally and makes physically strong.

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