Blue Moonstone – The Ideal Gemstone To Acquire A Peaceful Life

Blue Moonstone or Chandrakant Mani is a powerful yet mystical gemstone in Indian Vedic Astrology. It’s a carrier of immense potency and healing energies that can heal all ailments of the wearer. It’s a sensual, nourishing, and sacred feminine stone with the ability to heal all pains in your life. To fetch the wholeness and wellness of life, there’s no substitute for Blue Moonstone.

Blue Moonstone is recognized as a precious gemstone for its natural blue sheen and pearl-like appearance. This stone holds the powerful energies of Chandra or planet Moon.

Benefits of Blue Moonstone:

In Indian Vedic Astrology, there are comprehensive benefits of wearing Blue Moonstone. Following are some:

  • Wearing Blue Moonstone helps the wearer manage emotional balance.
  • It’s an excellent stone to control stress, anxiety, and depressive feelings.
  • People suffering from sunstroke can get benefitted from this.
  • It helps in meditation and relaxes the insight, reducing domination by other planets.
  • It controls nose bleeding issues as well.
  • In harmonizing sleep patterns, Blue Moonstone can be very active.
  • It’s a representative of fertility.
  • In physical aspects, this stone boosts the digestive system, eliminates toxic substances from the body, helps absorb all nutrients, and enhances liquid retention.
  • By wearing Blue Moonstone, one can have excellent quality skin, hair, and eyes. It also helps improve bodily organs like the pancreas, liver, stomach, etc.
  • Blue Moonstone takes care of issues related to premenstrual syndrome, childbirth, and pregnancy.
  • Due to immense psychic power, Blue Moonstone opens up Sacral Chakras to increase inner intuition and growth.

As per Hindu astrology, one can attain a peaceful life by wearing Blue Moonstone. Most importantly, women get benefitted from this stone extensively.

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