Celebrate The Joyous Sindhi Festival – Lal Loi & Make Your Wish Fulfilled!

Lal Loi is the lesser-known Sindhi festival that is mainly observed on the night before Makar Sankranti. However, not all Sindhis take part in the Lal Loi celebration as Trimoor (the Sindhi name for Makar Sankranti) is believed as the chief festival. And the practice is seen as a cleansing of the mind in readiness for the festival.

The Punjabi followers celebrate the same festival but call it by the name Lohri or Lodi. Likewise, Lohri, Lal Loi is typically celebrated on the same date every year, for instance, 13th January. However, for both communities, the festival marks the last night of the winter season.

The Sindhi members believe that the center of this celebration should be on getting rid of old belongings. Therefore, children and teenagers bring wooden sticks from their grandparents, including relatives, to light up the bonfire that night. They also make some wishes in front of the holy fire.

In fulfillment of wishes, some women of the community offer coconut on the holy fire and later distribute it as divine Prasad (food offering to god). The Prasad is called “Sesa.” Adherents also distribute Boondi, Singar with the piece of coconut and Rewri (some regional foods).

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