Are You Aware Of These Mysterious Facts Of Sudarshan Chakra?

Sudarshan Chakra – the spinning disk-like weapon of Lord Vishnu plays a significant character in Hindu mythology. It has created tons of legends to share, and all feel magical and powerful themselves.

Mysterious Facts of Sudarshan Chakra:

Sudarshan Chakra has 108 scored edges. In Hindu mythology and sacred texts, the Sudarshan Chakra is illustrated as “Kaal Chakra” (the disk of time) that consists of twelve rays and six centers. However, these twelve rays of this Chakra symbolize twelve months, and six centers represent six seasons.

The accurate meaning of “Sudarshan Chakra” in Sanskrit is “Sudarshana” – “a vision of which is auspicious.” Some of the scriptures claim that Sudarshan Chakra was composed with the powerful alliance of Trimurti and Brihaspati. According to Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishwakarma has created Sudarshan Chakra from the Sun dust.

Besides, according to Mahabharat, Agni Dev (the lord of fire) bestowed Lord Krishna with the Chakra and Koumodaki for helping him. Despite this, Shiva Purana stated that Lord Shiva gave Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu as a boon. However, the Sudarshan Chakra has portrayed either on the index finger of Lord Vishnu or settled on the little finger of Lord Krishna.

Most importantly, this disk-like weapon is one of the sturdy and powerful weapons in the universe that nobody can ever withstand!

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