Do’s & Don’t: Mistakes To Avoid On Vishwakarma Puja

Do's & Don't: Mistakes To Avoid On Vishwakarma Puja

The god of creation- Vishwakarma, is the ultimate creator and divine architect of the universe. He has executed various big palaces and antique architects for gods in all four yugas. Starting from business owners to Engineers, architects, and craft-man, everyone celebrates Vishwakarma Puja each year in praise of Lord Vishwakarma on 16th/17th September.

People seek his blessings to bring fortune, success, and wealth for a lifetime. Moreover, several Indian states like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, and Tripura widely celebrate Vishwakarma Jayanti (or Vishwakarma Puja).

Vishwakarma Puja: Do’s & Don’t

However, while worshipping, a few things you must take care of to avoid any non-occurrence; are-

  • As Vishwakarma is the god of creation and tools, you must respect and worship tools, machinery, and workshops on this auspicious day. 
  • On the day of Vishwakarma Puja, you should clean and glorify your vehicles, carriers, daily usable tools, and equipment. 
  • Do not use any factory or business tools and machines on this propitious day, whether you are the owner or worker. 
  • Furthermore, do not consume any non-veg and liquor on this day because that can be unpropitious for your vocation. Donate or feed poor and brahmins on Vishwakarma puja dayAs a result, the activity will lead you towards the positive enlargement and growth of your business. 

By keeping in mind of above do’s and don’ts, you can absolutely attain Lord Vishwakarma’s blessings and will get success in business or work. 

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