33 Hindu Ancient Vedic Gods That You Are Uninformed About – Read To Know

33 Hindu Ancient Vedic Gods That You Are Uninformed About - Read To Know

Talking about Hindu Mythology, Hindu Puranas and Vedas also mention about 33 Gods and Goddesses, called – “Trayastrinshata.” The Trayastrinshata are ancient Vedic deities who consist of Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, and Ashwins.

Besides, the ancient Hindu Vedic deity Lord Indra is also a guardian deity in Buddhism. He is also a significant deity in Hinduism. Known as Śakra, he is the superior lords of these Vedic deities and the first of the 33-followed by Agni.


  • Śakra, also known as Indra, the god of rains & the king of gods.
  • Mitra, the patron god of oaths and friendship.
  • Varuna, the patron god of water and the oceans.
  • Pūsan, patron god of travelers and herdsmen, god of roads.
  • Dhāt, the god of health and magic; also known as Dhūti.
  • Vivasvat, also known as Savitṛ or Ravi.
  • Bhaga, god of wealth.
  • Dakṣa.
  • Vamana.
  • Aryaman.
  • Aṃśa.


  • Sūrya – the god of “Sun“; also named Pratyūsha, (“break of dawn”-but often used to mean simply “light”).
  • Agni- the god of “Fire“; also named Anala or “”
  • Vāyu- the god of “Wind” or Air, also known as Anila (“wind”).
  • Pṛthivī- the god of “Earth“; too acknowledged as Dharā or “”
  • Varuna – the god of “Water“; also named Antarikṣa the “Space” or “Atmosphere” god.
  • Samudra- the god of “Sea“; also called “Sagar,
  • Dyauṣ- the god of “Sky“; also described Dyeus and Prabhāsa or the “shining dawn.
  • Soma- the god of “Moon“; also known as “”


The Ashwins or Nāsatyas are the twin gods – Nasatya & Dasra.


Rudras are the 11 Vedic gods from Ramayana, are the great sage Kashyapa and his wife, Aditi’s beloved sons. Aside from this, in Matsya Purana, the goddess of cows “Surabhi” & Lord Brahma had 11 children. They are known as Rudras. They are Aparajita Mrigavyadha, Nirriti, Shambhu, Dahana, Khara, Kapardi, Pingala, Ahirabradhya, Kapali, and Senani.

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