Chant Ketu Kavach To Relief Stress & Anxiety

Ketu and Rahu are both fictitious planets that are regularly cited simultaneously. According to astrology, Ashwin, Magha, and Moola are the ruler of Ketu. It is commonly believed that if Ketu is in the right place, a person will thrive, but if it is in the south pole, a person will experience severe Karma that will lead to egotistical behavior.

Ketu’s significance

Ketu is associated with spirituality, and anyone who has attained spiritual success will prosper. Individuals with strong Ketu power will have strong healing abilities and the capacity to heal tartaric and spiritual strength. Ketu will bring wealth and enlightenment to the bearer if it is positioned properly in the astrological chart.

Advantages Of Ketu Kavach

  • The Kavach empowers one to practice their religion and has trust in their deity.
  • The individual will be protected from dark magic.
  • This Ketu Kavach will provide the wearer with dynamic power.
  • Aids in reducing negativity related to health and skin issues.
  • It provides relief from anxiety, emotional trauma, and personality issues.
  • Relieve symptoms of depression, chest, lung, and breathing issues.
  • Removes roadblocks to progress in business, profession, and other areas.
  • It helps to relax a person and encourages rational thought.

Ketu Kavach Mantra

Chant the Ketu Kavach Mantra to get benefitted spiritually, mentally, and physically in life.

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