Bathe In Holy Ganga And Get Rid Of Your Sins

The Ganga is a river that carries a multitude of feelings and mythical stories as it flows erratically from its origin in the Himalayas to zigzag through the plains as it rushes to the sea.

In India, the river Ganga is considered one of the holiest and most spiritual rivers, as it is believed to liberate humans from their sins and the cycle of life and death. For Hindus, the Ganga River is a significant element for almost all cultural and spiritual activities. Hence, devotees acknowledge river Ganga as the Goddess Ganga or Mother Ganga and seek her holy blessings for all rituals, from Puja (worship rituals), Havan, and Weddings, to Yoga practice.

Benefits of Worshipping Goddess Ganga

People believe themselves very fortunate if they bathe daily in the holy Ganga water. Those who get the opportunity to stay, visit or meditate on the banks of Ganga consider themselves blessed for a lifetime. In fact, almost every household preserves Ganga water in a copper vessel and uses it for sacred rituals to purify their Vastu in all parameters.

Besides, in Hinduism, many people pour Ganga water on the deceased before performing the last rites of a dead person. Eventually, many sink the dead people’s ashes in the holy Ganga after the rituals since people believe it will give the dead person’s soul salvation. Goddess Ganga is believed to purify their souls and help them attain Moksha.

Click on this video to get more details on Goddess Ganga and why Hindus worship her as a deity.

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