Consider The Power Of Benzoin In Preventing Cancer

Dhuna, Benzoin, or Loban is a pure, natural type of incense essential for Puja (prayer) purposes in Hinduism. People burn Loban for spiritual purposes and to enhance their mood for divine prayers. In religious texts and sacred folklores, there is immense significance of Loban as the finest element of nature that purifies the ambiance by circulating positive energy. Dhuna or Loban holds a powerful property in preventing negative energies from the surrounding atmosphere.

So, let us glance at the health benefits of burning Loban apart from the religious aspects.

Health benefits of Dhuna or Loban:

The benefits of Loban are extensive to display. Generally extracted from the Boswellia tree, Loban is basically the resin that is further churned into incense or essential oils.

  • Burning Loban daily at the house creates a warming sensation in our body and skin by simulating a special kind of protein in our brain.
  • When the burning essence of Dhuna comes into contact, it makes us feel more relaxed and stress-free. Further, the incense purifies our mind, calms the nervous system, and creates an anxiolytic effect in us, reducing anxiety suffering.
  • Most importantly, the incense of Dhuna eliminates insects and germs from the surrounding, which causes most human diseases. It’s advisable to burn Loban at least twice or once a day.
  • Further, it helps treat eczema, arthritis, bronchial issues, chest congestion, and inflamed and irritated skin.
  • Despite all, It’s an anti-depressant element that also is an active substance in preventing life-threatening cancers.
  • As per legends, the aroma of Dhuna stimulates sexual stamina and provokes sensual passion in couples.

Dhuna is a pure and sacred element in the West Indian region, especially in the Bengali community. In fact, there is a special event to celebrate Dhuna – “Dhunuchi Dance” – in the Bengali community during the grand Durga Puja celebration.

So, consider burning Loban or Benzoin at your home and enjoy the pleasant aroma of this anti-depressant essence.

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