Does Wearing Kumkum On Forheard Boost Blood Supply To Facial Muscles?

Indian women traditionally wear KumKum or Vermilion on their heads or in between the forehead. In the present times, it’s scientifically proven that the forehead is a major nerve point. The Rishi Muni (sages) of Ancient India believed this point to be the seat of Ajna Chakra – The center of Infinite Intuition or The Third Eye Energy Centre.

Scientific Benefits Of Wearing Kumkum on forehead area:

  • By wearing vermilion in the mid-brow area, an individual can increase the power of intuition.
  • One can open up the center of intuition and also enhance concentration.
  • This practice also helps boost blood supply to the facial muscles.
  • By applying KumKum on the forehead section, you can, however, activate the Ajna Chakra.

You should often wear kumkum or vermilion Tika or Bindi on your mid-brow section to obtain these benefits.

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