Put On The Beautiful Fashionable Ind Bindi – Experience Its Health Benefits

Put On The Beautiful Fashionable Indian Bindi – Experience Its Health Benefits

Bindi is a small dot worn in the forehead between the eyebrows. It is a fashion statement for most of the Indian women. They consider this a beauty mark. Now in modern times, the bindi has become a fashion accessory. But this small dot is mainly a religious symbol for Hindus. It also has some important significance in Indian tradition.

In Hindi it is called Bindi and Sanskrit it is known as “Bindu”. This tradition came from the Vedic period and still has value in Indian society. Bindi has a mystical significance as it represents the “third eye” of our spiritual perception, which sees the things that physical eyes cannot see. Hindus strive to awake their inner sight through yoga. The eyebrow dot reminds us to use and grow this spiritual vision to grasp and better understand life’s inner functioning—to see things not just physically, but by the “mind’s eye” as well.

You too can have bindi health benefits by wearing a fashionable bindi. People wear bindi in between the eyebrows in the place of the pineal gland. It is an important nerve center. In ancient times, the bindis were made from red and yellow sandalwood or turmeric, and ash, zinc oxide, saffron, and various flowers. As all these have cooling properties, so, applying sandalwood or ash bindi cools the nerves and keeps you cool and preserves energy.

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