Ganesha Image On Indonesian Currency? Read To Know Why!

Did you know that on the Indonesian currency, you will find the Lord Ganesha image? You might be reacting, “What? How’s this possible?”. Where, despite having almost 80% of the Hindu population, we cannot find any Hindu deities image in Indian currency, there, in a foreign country like Indonesia, with only 3% of the Hindu community, people prioritizing the Hindu mythological figures.

How? Continue reading to know the revealing reason behind this.

On the Indonesian 20,000 Rupiah note, the Ganesha image with Ki Hajar Dewantara‘s (the independence activist) picture is visible, and on the backside, a picture of students studying in a classroom. The entire note referred to education. As in, Ganesha is the god of wisdom, knowledge, intellect, also, Ki Hajar Dewantara was the education enthusiast and initiator for the Indonesian natives. And the image of students studying in the classroom portraying the education theme as well.

Ganesha Image On Indonesian Currency
Ganesha Image On Indonesian Currency

Another on-going reason is, in 1997, during the devaluation of several Asian country’s currencies, someone suggested to the Indonesian government that printing the Ganesha image on the Rupiah will bring fortune to the money, the Indonesian finance minister stated. Surprisingly and luckily, the Hindu superstition worked for the Indonesian currency, and of then, the Ganesha image remained the same.

Strange yet interesting, right? All-over, do you consider these reasons to be justified? Let us know.

Note: You might consider printing the Ganesha picture in your business card/ Magazine or Newspaper front-cover, pamphlets, etc. to bring back your fortune.

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