How Long Does God Take To Eat Naivedya?

Offering food to the Deities during ceremonial prayer or puja at home or temples is a popular practice in Hinduism and the Hindu Dharma. This offering is known as a Naivedya. It denotes the person’s original and general condition. Puja ends with the offering of Naivedya. Worshippers offer each Deity a certain set of foods.

According to legend, every Deity has a favorite food item that is served to them as Naivedya, such as kheer or Shira for Vishnu, Modak for Ganapati, or Payas for the Goddess. The t meal served to a certain Deity draws more frequencies of that particular Deity.

After offering the Naivedya, the Deities quietly accept them; this offering is then known as Prasad and is consumed by everyone. When we consume Naivedya as prasad, we benefit from the aura of that Deity. The spiritual significance of presenting Naivedya and its different facets are discussed in this article.

Click this video to know how much time God takes to consume Naivedya and the rituals to offer it.

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