Keep Budhwar Vrat & Attain A Blissful Married Life Ahead

Keep Budhwar Vrat & Attain A Blissful Married Life Ahead

Wednesday is related to planet Mercury, which is known as “Budh Graha” in Hindi. Observing fasting on Wednesday is called Budhwar Vrat, devoted to Lord Vishnu and Budh the deity of Mercury.

Wednesday is also associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Vitthal, and both are avatars of Lord Vishnu in different decades. Hindu astrology considers planet Mercury as compassionate and generous. Hence, this planet helps people increase their wisdom, benefits in business investments, and new trade deals.

Therefore, Hindu people generally prefer starting new businesses or projects and educational activities on Wednesday as this day is considered to conduct good fortune.

Usually, married couples observe Budhwar Vrat and pray to Lord for a blissful married life. However, devotees offer to fast on Wednesday consume a single meal during the afternoon rather than in the evening. The ideal prayer offering or Prasad to Lord Mercury is boiled rice and curd, including jaggery.

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