Know The Interesting Facts Of The Shakti Peetha- Chamundeshwari Temple

The Chamundeshwari Temple sits atop of Chamundi Hills in the Mysore district, named after the goddess Chamundi. Chamundeshwari Temple is one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas, which has a quadrangular structure. However, the original temple is said to get built in the 12th century by Hoysala rulers. 

Within the temple’s sanctum stands a sculpted figure of Devi Chamundeshwari, situated in the crossed-legged yogic posture. It is an ancient Hindu shrine that features about 1,008 steps leading towards the 3,000 ft summit of the hill. 

At the 800 steps, there is an immense statue of Nandi (the companion of Shiva) finely carved out of a single piece of granite. Besides, a top highlight of the Chamundeshwari Temple displayed to the devotees as they reach the temple premises is the gigantic statue of the demon Mahisasura. 

During the Dussehra festival, the goddess Chamundi idol is carried on a decorated elephant chariot with ceremonial parades and processions. 

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