Losing Your Balance Over Heart & Mind? Keep Fasting During New Moon & Full Moon For Positive Result

Full moon and New moon plays a crucial role in human anatomy as it plays in nature, according to Hinduism belief. As water tides fluctuate according to New or full moon, Hindus believe that these days are much competent in human life as well.

I.e. during the full moon or ‘Purnima’ people can be lunatic and show up ill-treatment, irritable, etc. Thus, during Purnima, some Hindus observe fasting throughout the day and worship Lord Vishnu. They bathe in the holy Ganges and eat some simple food after sunset.

‘Amavasya’ or New moon consider as auspicious as it’s the beginning of new light. Eventually, the Hindu calendar follows the lunar period, and the start of a new lunar month occurs in the new moon. Besides, Hindu festivals like Diwali and Janmashtami also celebrated in Amavasya.

The New moon and Full moon holds some scientific facts as well. Since during the new and full moon period, people keep fasting and eat less, as it endures some health benefits.

Fasting these days helps to decrease metabolic rates and increase longevity by reducing acidic components in our body. This process restores the mind and heart balance and helps to process the body in the cosmic algorithm.

Besides, praying and meditating during these periods will help to control your emotions and inadequate-temperament.

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