Offer Fruits To The God And Attain Spiritual Maturity

Offering food to the divinity is not a mere ritual or an auspicious superstition. Hindus generally offer food to God to set their selves free from the act of selfishness. During a Puja (prayer), Hindu devotees offer various food elements, such as Coconut, Fruits, Panchamrita, etc. Fruits in this ritual carry a vital yet symbolic reference as per Hinduism.

Why do Hindus offer fruit to the lord?

As per the belief, offering fruits to the divine head symbolizes sacrificing their ego and diminishing sins. Devotees show gratitude to the divine energy and attempt to repay God’s debts to them. It’s a great way to save yourself from the negative effects of Karma when it hits. The positive aura in fruits neutralized the adverse essence of an individual with a single stroke.

Benefits of offering fruits to the divinity:

As per Hindu beliefs, if you offer something sweet like honey, sweets, or fruits, you are training yourself in self-sacrifice and self-control. It helps an individual cultivate their mental strength. The thought of intentionally giving up something enjoyable or relishing helps attain positive thinking and spiritual maturity.

So, offering fruits represents self-sacrifice or detachment.

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