Worship Kalabhairava Yantra & Recieve Material Abundance In Life

Kalabhairava, the lord of Kal or Time, is another manifestation of Lord Shiva. This divinity is an icon of the fierce Shiva, who controls time in the Universe. Kalabhairava has the power to bless humans with emphatic time management skills and release his devotees from debts in their lives. In Hindu society, people with loads of debts and major struggles in life seek the divine blessings of Kalabhairava.

In Hindu mythology, there is Kalabhairava Yantra (instrument/weapon), which is believed to nullify all debts of an individual and amplify the source of income for a person. In this article, we will know the benefits of offering Puja (worship) to Kalabhairava Yantra.

Benefits of Kalabhairava Yantra (weapon):

Kalabhairava is the terrifying or fearful avatar of Shiva. Worshipping his Yantra (weapon) means receiving protection from negative energies and evil eyes.

  • Shree Bhairav Yantra is majorly beneficial for devotees in eliminating and removing the harmful effects of ghosts, black magic, or evil spirits.
  • The KalaBhairava Yantra works as a protective shield for any individual and prevents evil forces from roaming around.
  • This weapon increases the positivity around us.
  • It’s a great savior in removing the malefic effects of planet Rahu and Ketu.
  • Moreover, the Kalabhairava Yantra offers self-protection and removes poverty from one’s life.
  • It aligns you with divine energies.
  • It showers divine blessings with prosperity, love, wealth, positivity, good fortune, and material abundance.
  • It protects people from illness and diseases.
  • Lastly, Kalabhairava Yantra brings love, peace, happiness, name, fame, success, joy, and good health and removes all obstacles from your pathways.

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