Let Your Negative Qualities Flow By Breaking Coconut

Coconut holds extreme significance and spiritual value in Hinduism since people consider it ab important element for Puja (prayer). Many beliefs and traditions are there associated with ancient coconut-breaking rituals before beginning anything good, auspicious.

Why break coconut in front of God? 

According to ancient belief, the outer shell of a coconut represents the human ego, anger, and other negative qualities. Also, the inner layer of the coconut implies all the pure and positive attributes of people. Therefore, breaking coconut ensures the person breaks all his negative emotions and becomes an all-new person full of purity and goodness.

However, practicing this ritual in front of god remarks on our dedication towards the deity. So, when you perform the ceremony in front of God, you promise to leave your negative qualities behind and transform into a better person.

Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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