Participate In The Onam Festival & Get A Healthy-Wealthy Life Ahead!

In Kerala (South-Indian province), the popularly celebrated Hindu festival is Onam, which is a 10-days celebration in praise of the great demon king Mahabali. It is a festival of soliciting health, wealth, and happiness.

Onam is the annual celebration falls in August/September (according to the Malayali calendar), dedicated to kind-hearted King Mahabali, whose soul returns to Kerala this time, as per Keralites. During the entire festival, the main celebration starts on the 8th day, called Astham (8th), and ends on the 10th day, named Thiruvonam or Thiru Onam.

The Onam activities and rituals comprise bathing, offering prayer by wearing traditional Onam attire– women wear Kasavu Saree (white and golden border saree), and men wear white Dhoti-Kurta. Devotees decorate the house premises with special flower rangolis (kind of traditional Indian art) called Pookkalam. Also, the prime elements of the festivity, the legendary delicacy- Onam Sadya, a 9-course feast, contains 26 various specialties that are being prepared and served in banana leaf.

During the Onam festival, cultural folk song-dance (Atthachamayam), women dance (Thumbi Thullal), mask dance (Kummattikali), music (Onavillu), boat race ( Vallam Kali), elephant parade, etc., are seen as a part of the Onam celebration.

Onam celebration is the beginning of Malayali New Year Day and celebrated as the harvest festival among all communities of Kerala.

Participate in the Onam festival and relish the distinctive authenticity of the culture, food of Kerala plus get health-wealth as the grace of God.

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