Read How Fasting On Ram Navami Can Benefit Your Health?

Ram Navami, the birthday celebration of Lord Ram, is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals held in India. On this day, devotees and followers of Lord Ram visit Hindu temples or Ram Mandir, pray to him along with Sita, Lakshman, and his credible companion Lord Hanuman.

Some people perform Ram puja or Ram Navami puja and arati on this day, bathe Lord Ram idol and decorate the prayer room with fragrant flowers. Also, perform fasting known as Ram Navami Vrat and make delicious ‘Payasam’ (rice pudding) as an offering to Ram along with sweets and fruits.

Apart from the religious significance of Ram Navami, the other Ram Navami significance is there- the health importance of Ram Navami.


  1. At this holy festival, keep fasting, as this process will lead your mind to calmness and peacefulness.
  2. While fasting on Ram Navami, people consume healthy foods like fruits, which keeps the body healthy and hydrated.
  3. Devotees make some delightful Payasam (an Indian dessert made of rice, milk, sugar, and cardamom), and Sabudana Khichdi (non-spicy hotchpotch made of Sago and Indian spices) as Ram Navami food. These foods provide the body with enough amount of carbohydrates to feel energized.

  1. Fasting on Ram Navami will lead you towards salvation too.

Ram Navami Vrat can be various types: fasting until the moon, fasting for nine days until the beginning of Chaitra, eating one single meal during day time, and fasting till midnight.

However, avoid putting turmeric, garlic, onion, ginger, and salt into your food on this day. Keep the Ram Navami fast with full devotion and get health, wealth, prosperity, peace, happiness, and spiritual guidance as blessings from Lord Rama.

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