Perform Aukshan On A New-born To Purify Its Mind Spiritually

Aukshan is an Indian custom that comprises waving a lit lamp in front of the deity during puja (prayer). Commonly, the act is also performed in front of an individual because it provides extensive spiritual benefits. So, let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of Aukshan and how you can derive benefits from this act. 

The ritual signifies embracing the moment of the appearance of the divine waves on earth from the cosmos, activated by the flame of the lamp. Most importantly, praising that moment by surrendering into those waves at that very moment is all that Aukshan is. 

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Benefits of Aukshan:

  • The act develops a protective sheath of waves, composed through flames. The waves get effuse and absorbed with the help of the lit lamp. Subsequently, the sheath forms around the body of the individual. 
  • One obtains divine blessings from the deity due to the Bhav (spiritual emotion) arouses from the spiritual flames. 

However, you can perform the holy act on a small child, an invitee, a person leaving for a purpose like a soldier leaving for the battlefield, a virtuous individual, to welcome bride or groom, and similarly, on a Saint.

Aukshan purifies the body, especially a child’s body, and helps to create an impression of Sattvikta (spiritual purity) in its mind. Remember, do not perform Aukshan at the entrance as it can be fatal to the soul. 

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