Properties Of Ruby In Healing & Restoring Vitality

Properties Of Ruby In Healing & Restoring Vitality

The King of Red Gemstones, Ruby, is popularly known for his crimson red tint and diamond-like shine. However, in Hindu astrology, this stone is a storehouse of divine powers and is known for enhancing willpower, prosperity, self-confidence, and health. Remarking as one of the precious stones in Navratna, Ruby leaves the onlookers spellbound by its stunning impression.

Astrological significance of Ruby:

Since ruby is ruled by the Sun, it holds immense power and offers extensive benefits to the wearer through its outstanding properties.

  • People involved with the professions and higher positions associated with politics, supervision, administrative services, diplomacy, and other leadership roles benefit a lot from Ruby.
  • It’s an ideal gemstone for students to gain success in their lives and start a prosperous career. It helps students who are preparing for exams for central or state services attain desirable results.
  • If you wear this blood-hued gemstone, it’ll certainly enhance your social status, attract your name and fame, and maximize your chance of living a luxurious and imperial lifestyle.

Health benefits of Ruby:

Apart from the astrological aspects of Ruby, let’s come to the health benefits of wearing Ruby.

  • Ruby holds significant healing energy that certainly helps the wearer fight against life-threatening ailments and disorders.
  • Since it represents the sun, it heals several health problems related to the heart, bones, and eyes.
  • It improves blood circulation, helps restore vitality, and enhances eyesight. It also offers other health benefits.
  • People with low self-esteem can consider wearing Ruby as it has immense properties to bring out confidence and provide courage to handle complex situations in life.

So, if you are a sufferer of any of the mentioned conditions or situations, you can consider wearing a Ruby, indeed—yet, after confirming it with an authentic astrologer.

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Jason D on Unsplash (free for commercial use).

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