Take A Part On Dhanteras Puja & Get Unlimited Wealth & Prosperity

The Hindu festival Dhanteras is the day of cleaning and renovation. This auspicious festival comes two days before Diwali (Deepavali), on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight), in the Hindu month Kartik. On this day, Hindus worship the goddess of wealth Laxmi, seeking increased wealth and prosperity.

Dhanteras is the auspicious day to buy gold, house, property, silver, automobile, utensils, and different valuable assets.

According to Hindu mythology, during the churning of the milk ocean between Gods and Asuras –“Samudra Manthan”; Lord Dhanvantri, the god of Ayurveda came out of the sea with an elixir pot (Amrit) on Dhanteras day. Thus the Dhanteras festival is also known as Dhanvantri Jayanti or Dhanatrayodashi.

The Sanskrit word Dhanteras came out of Dhan means ‘Wealth’ and Teras means the ‘thirteenth day’. Thereby, on this day, the god of wealth Kuber is also worshiped along with goddess Laxmi and Dhanvantri.

The Dhanteras puja rituals are very traditional in India. Thirteen Diyas (clay lamps) are being prepared with four wicks dipped into ghee or oil and lit up around the house dedicated to Yamraj, called Yamadeep. People offer Batashe (sugar confection), Kheel (Indian sweet puffed rice), Roli (vermilion), and Chawal (rice) to god as offerings. Beside, Phalaahar (fruits, dry fruits, and sweets) and some money are offered to the god, called Naivedyam.

However, the Laxmi puja ends with some Laxmi mantras and devotional songs to praise her. In some villages, villagers also worship cattle as these are the main source of income to them.

Worship goddess Laxmi on the Dhanteras day to secure your wealth and prosperity.

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