The Beautiful Silk Saree Attracts Electromagnetic Energy- Find Out Why?

The Beautiful Silk Saree Attracts Electromagnetic Energy- Find Out Why?

Saree is one of the traditional Indian attire, which is basically an uncut piece of cloth, worn by women. Indian ladies love to wear sarees during prayer and other Indian festivals. You may see married women in India regularly wear sarees even if she is in the house. Available in varieties of designs, this traditional Indian garment provides women such an elegant look.

Among all categories of sarees, silk saree is the most pious for prayers. Indian women prefer wearing silk saree during pooja (prayer) or worship to God. It is not only an ordinary cloth, but silk saree benefits the devotee’s health while worshiping. Silk has the ultimate capacity to attract and intercept electromagnetic energy. When the silk saree is worn, electromagnetic energy is created by the continual friction between the body and the cloth.

When devotees pray wearing silk cloths, there is instant energy creates that flows into the devotee’s body. This process makes the person feel instant calm. Moreover, silk blocks this energy, thereby leading to enhanced concentration.

Hindus believe that you must wear a silk saree or cloths while praising to God, as it will bring you positive energy. Saree is more than just traditional wear. Nowadays, it became a fashion statement for the generation. The Sattvic attire saree finds a psychical, intellectual, and spiritual foundation and connection in an individual. The fun part is, you can drape it in 100s styles. You must try it!

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Bella Pon Fruitsia on Unsplash. (free for commercial use)

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