Traditional Way Of Eating In India- You Must Try!

Traditional Way Of Eating In India- You Must Try!

Where the rest of the world prefers eating their meal by sitting in a chair and table; on the other side, in India, people prefer to have their meal traditionally. Now, what is the traditional Indian style of eating? Indians sit on the floor with cross-legged to have their meal. Sitting on the floor and eating is the proper way of eating, physically and spiritually. It creates a yoga posture that helps to digest food, yet a healthy style of eating.

When you sit on the floor, it becomes a yoga posture known as Padmasana. This position applies pressure to the lower spine, which may expedite relaxation and soothe the mind. This posture helps the abdominal muscles to increase digestive juice and improves the digestion system.

While eating in this way, you need to bend forward and then come to the natural sitting position. This process works like a healthy exercise. By adopting this particular eating style, you may furnish your health with splendid sitting on the floor and eating benefits. It results in stretching your lower back, pelvis and stomach muscles and reduce surrounding pain.

Besides, we all know that monks and saints meditate on the floor. When you will sit on the floor at the same level as everyone, as in children and animals, you will connect spiritually with them. Therefore, you may compose a strong bond with each of your family members.

We hope these reasons will make you slide off from your chair, and sit on the floor to endure the Indian traditional eating style.

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