Why Is It Said That Ghosts Reside On The Peepal Tree At Night?

Why Is It Said That Ghosts Reside On The Peepal Tree At Night Dharma WeRIndia

Since childhood, we have grown up hearing that you should not go near to any peepal tree at night time as ghosts reside there. Well, we agree that is absolutely a myth, but there is some logical significance behind this heard myth.

Our ancestors were completely brilliant people. They have formed some peculiar myths to protect the scientific reasons behind those. The idea of using fear of supernatural stories helps them keep check the natural roots intact.

So, what’s the actual reason?

According to Brahmins, the peepal tree is the home of different celestials. Besides, Krishna is the protector of every natural creature and life. So, it is believed that he resides in every creature, including animals and plants.

On the other hand, the peepal tree exhales a large amount of carbon dioxide at night that cushioned the entrance of oxygen to the neighborhood area of the tree. However, peepal trees release very toxic air at night, which has killed uncountable people over decades.

If anyone rests near a peepal tree at night, the person can run out of oxygen and possibly die. Hence, they spread the rumor of ghosts being resided in the peepal tree at night.

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