Why Should You Perform Religious Activities On Jyestha Amavasya?

Why Should You Perform Religious Activities on Jyestha Amavasya?

Jyestha Amavasya marks a crucially important day in Hinduism as Shani Dev (Lord Shani) was born on this day. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shanithe God of justice in Kalyuga, is the significator of deeds, sins, and Karma. He is the Dandadhikari (Punisher) of bad Karma.

This auspicious day is also renowned as Shani Jayanti. On this day, people visit Lord Shani temples, worship him, seeking Shani Dev’s blessings. They also perform various religious activities, such as donate foods, Pind Daan, etc.

  • However, accordant with Hindu Puran, worshiping Lord Shani on Jyestha Amavasya day can eliminate dilemmas in your life.
  • Eventually, anyone facing childbirth issues should glorify Shani Dev to get the problem solved.
  • Most importantly, this celebration keeps one away from lousy goodwill and slander.
  • Hindus believe by worshipping Lord Shani on Shani Jayanti day resolved their financial issues.

Moreover, on Shani Jayanti, another religious observance, Vrat Savitri puja, falls, which married women celebrate for their husband’s endurance.

Rituals of Jyestha Amavasya:

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