You Must Follow The Ayurveda Body Clock For A Healthy Life

You Must Follow The Ayurveda Body Clock For A Healthy Life

Ayurveda is the knowledge house of the ancient period. We have got so many medicinal facts, ailments, yoga, and information about a healthy body and lifestyle. Similarly, in Ayurvedic science, there’s a brief description of the Ayurveda body clock. Now, what is Ayurveda body clock or health clock? I know many of you heard this first time.

The human body functions by a system of energy flow between organs. The Organ Clock or body clock as per Ayurveda is body organs functional theory by time.

In Ayurveda science, a proper format of a healthy life is described, started from how-when-what to eat and when to sleep, etc. According to a 24 hours’ time clock, each organ is related to each hour. This is called the ‘Dosha clock’, which is divided into two-phases- ‘Dinacharya’ (daily regime) and ‘Ritucharya’ (seasonal regime).

Watch this video to know about Ayurveda’s body clock and how you must conduct your body for a healthy result.

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