Awake Your Morality Against The Iniquity By Celebrating The Grand Ram Navami Festival

After years of protest, anticipation, prayer, India is finally getting its Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, dedicated to Hindu Lord Ram or Rama. Lord Ram, the lead and central character of Ramayana, is one of the supreme avatars (7th avatar) of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga. Clearly, in India, Lord Ram has thousands of followers, blindly following his words since Ramayana.

Each year as his birth occasion, devotees celebrate Ram Navami on the 9th day of Hindu month Chaitra, known as Chaitra Navami (March/April) as a part of spring Navratri, which falls on Shukla Paksha.

So, who is Lord Rama? And why do Hindus celebrate Ram Navami with so enthusiasm?

Lord Rama is the son of Ayodhya King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya and the husband of Sita (daughter of earth goddesses Bhumi and Prithvi, adopted by King Janaka and Queen Sunaina).

‘Ra’ means ‘Ray of light’ and ‘M’ signifies as ‘in me’. Hence, Ram means the “Light within my heart. He was born to defeat Adharma (iniquity) and establish Dharma (morality).

Significance of Ram Navami:

The Ram Navami festival takes place to celebrate Lord Rama’s victory of Goodness over evil. Thus the Hindu festival has named after Lord Rama.

In some major cities like Ayodhya, Sitamarhi, Rameshwaram, and devotees from ISCKON temple associated with Ram celebrate Ram Navami grandly. They observe a whole day of fasting, visit Ram temple, and worship Lord Rama idol along with Sita, Laksman, and Hanuman to honor their importance and credibility. Even the chariot cavalcade is observed known as Rathayatra or Sobha Yatra’ of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman.

Some start their Ram Navami puja by offering some water to Surya Dev (God Sun), considers as the ancestor of Lord Rama. Later, devotees perform Ram Navami Bhajan (hymn) and Kirtan dedicated to Ram. Also, devotees recite Ram Katha and read the Hindu epic Ramayana.

This celebration is a reflection of our righteousness, virtue, sanctity, and morality. Be a part of this remarkable Ram Navami celebration and arouse your morality against the iniquity.

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