Consume Khichdi: The Ayurvedic Dish To Detoxify Your Body

Ayurveda (Indian medical system) is filled with various medicinal treasures, providing Indians numerous health benefits for ages. There are several medicines and Indian cuisines that are prepared by maintaining Ayurveda procedures. Similarly, Khichdi or Hotchpotch is a comfort, convenient, and healthy Ayurvedic food from Indian subcontinents.

Khichdi is a one-pot recipe made of rice, mung daal (pulse), some Indian spices, and occasionally veggies and meats as Khichdi ingredients. There are several Khichdi health benefits, including improving digestion, removes toxins from the body, and heals intestinal walls.

Mung pulse, the healthiest Ayurvedic ingredient, is rich in protein and carbohydrate. It detoxes your body and nourishes the 7 Dhatus (bodily membranes) and Ojas (solution of energy). Khichdi benefits positively on the body and mind and works excellent on menstruation.

Khichdi is pure bliss, simplistic, easy-going food, loaded with various nutrition, essential amino acids, and protein. Therefore, Indians consider the Khichdi recipe as a fasting dish. Further, offer to the god as Prasad (prayer offering).

Khichdi nourishes and balances all Ayurvedic anatomical senses of humor or TridoshaVata (Air element), Pitta (Fire & Water element), and Kapha (Water & earth element).

Consider the Khichdi as your healthy diet and watch the Khichdi recipe here:

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