Celebrate Govatsa Dwadashi & Help Maintain The Energy Frequency In The Environment

According to mythological tales, Kamdhenus – the five wish-fulfilling cows emerged from Samudra Manthan (the Great Churning of the ocean), and Nanda was one of them. With divine energy, Nanda was worshipped in several religious observances. Married women in India worship cows and their calves, undertaking Vrat (fasting) of only one meal for divine blessings.

Importance of worshipping cows:

Due to their “sattva-predominant” trait, cows nurture society with their milk. Further, they contribute to soil fertility with dung, making it worship-worthy. Also, Hindus consider the cow as a mother and show gratitude for her contributions. It is believed that those who worship a cow never lack prosperity.

Besides, according to Hindu culture, sprinkling a few drops of cow urine on the premises can destroy negative frequencies and purify the environment. Eventually, many Ayurvedic medicines contain cow urine, too.

The spiritual significance of Govatsa Dwadashi:

As per Shaka Samvat and Vikram Samvat, the Kartik Krushna Dwadashi is religiously known as Govatsa Dwadashi. However, before Diwali observance, the energy flow of Shakti is highly activated in the environment, which harms the earth’s frequencies. Hence, the Govatsa Dwadashi¬†gets celebrated.

People believe that by observing Govatsa Dwadashi Vrat, the environment gets protected. This act circumvents the instability created by Shakti’s energy. On that day, the energy of Lord Vishnu manifests and stabilizes the environment for all lives.

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