Remedies To Make Rahu Positive On Your Natal Chart

Let’s agree on one thing- we all are afraid of the effects of Rahu. But how would you identify whether you’re on the influential impacts of Rahu?

Generally, by observing one’s abode, Vastu, neighborhood, etc., you can detect the positive/negative position of Rahu. If a family lives with harmony, peace, love, and unity, they have positive Rahu effects. And opposite of these components is a clear sign of negative Rahu impact. Moreover, the influence can be on children, too.

Remedies to attract positive impact of Rahu:

  • Hang or bury a white cloth tied with silver, Gomed stone, Misiri (an Indian sweet), and black lentils at the entrance of your house.
  • Fix the abode name in your ancestor’s name for peace and harmony.
  • Perform Pitru Dosha rituals and donate foods, clothes, etc.
  • Plant trees and give food to birds on the east side of the house, work on your sitting and eating habits, etc.
  • Feed fishes.
  • Consume coconut as much as possible.
  • Donate 4 coconuts and water to the temple during the Amavasya phase.
  • Wear a piece of sandalwood tied in the blue thread to reduce irritation, anger, fear, etc.
  • Add a few drops of sandalwood fragrance with Ashoka leaves to bathing water.
  • Prevent yourself from eating leftover foods, and restrict late-night eating habits.
  • Chant Rahu mantra“OM RAA(N) RAHVE NAMAHA”
  • Do these activities to reduce the destructive impact of Rahu on you, your family members, and Vastu.

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