Observe Darsha Amavasya Vrat & Eliminate All Dilemmas From Life

Observe Darsha Amavasya Vrat & Eliminate All Dilemmas From Life

The new moon or Amavasya always plays a significant and influential role in the Hindu calendar. Larger parts of Hindus usually consider this particular day to donate or do charity. Eventually, Amavasya is the day when people pay homage to their deceased ancestors by performing Tarpanam.

Whereas Hindu culture believes most of Amavasya to be inauspicious, on the other hand, few are considered as extremely favorable, such as Kartika Amavasya. On that day, the significant celebration of Hindus’ Diwali festivaltakes place.

However, the new moon day is also called Darsha Amavasya, is a powerful day to perform various rituals. The day is perfect to offer philanthropic services. And if the day coincides with Shanivar (Saturday), it calls Shani Amavasya.

Rituals of Darsha Amavasya:

  • On Darsha Amavasya, Hinduswake up early morning, take a holy dip and worship Shani Dev (Hindu god of Saturn) if it falls on Saturday. The devotees offer black sesame seeds to the deity as an offering during the prayer. Most importantly, one must perform the entire ritual either near a Banyan tree or at home.
  • That day, devotees should consume foods only made from wheat, rice, and lentils, etc. If anyone observes Darsha Amavasya Vrat, he/she can devour fruits and milk. But most people forbear from eating and drinking anything.

Benefits of Darsha Amavasya Vrat:

  • If you envy to reduce the adverse effects of Shani (Saturn), you must keep fasting on Darsha Amavasya day for effective results. Praise to God Shani Dev and get his blessings.
  • In case anyone suffering from Pitru Dosha, he/she can get untangled from the curse of their deceased ancestors through performing the Tarpanam.
  • Observe Darsha Amavasya Vrat and nullify the Kaal Sarpa Dosha from life.
  • Get relieved from health, emotional and financial dilemmas from life.

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