Eat Curd And Sugar Before Any Good Work & Be Successful Like Indians

Eat Curd And Sugar Before Any Good Work & Be Successful Like Indians

In India, eating curd and sugar (in Hindi Dahi-Shakkar) before any event is kinda auspicious. Indian moms make their children eat one spoonful curd mixed with sugar before exams or job interviews. They believe this Dahi-Shakkar will bring good luck to the event the children are going to perform. This Indian tradition is continuing for ages. Though it has a logic behind.

In Ayurveda, doctors say, curd and sugar or anything sweet (meetha) increase the brain function, which is called Buddhi Vardhak”. Thereby, curd and sugar improve concentration and brainpower and boosts memory retention.

Curd is a digestive agent and also has a coolant effect in body and mind. Besides, sugar is high in glucose that produces instant energy. So, the sweet combination of curd and sugar can raise your energy level by supplying glucose to the brain. And we all know that exams and job interviews are very stressful to handle. Curd and sugar help a lot to deal with these pressures.

If your mind is cool, you can easily recall all the exam answers or perform competently in interviews or any competitions. This magical Indian homely delicacy is healthy too.

Try eating curd and sugar before any important events and, you’ll succeed.

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Jeeye Janet Lee / Public domain

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