Experience The Magic Of Triphala – A Cancer Preventive Herb

For almost 1,000 years, Triphala has been a magical herb in the index of Ayurveda. In general, this ancient herb is a medicinal plant – known for various helpful medicinal properties. Majorly used for healing traits for several illnesses – this staple in traditional Ayurveda science continues to serve core health benefits.

Significance of Triphala:

Not presently, Triphala has soaring popularity worldwide since ancient times due to its capacity to cure stomach disorders, constipation problems, indigestion, and other major health complications like Cancer. Moreover, this divine element of nature helps balance three Doshas of the human body – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. And, yes, there is no other magical herb or remedy that can treat all three doshas collectively.

Benefits of Triphala:

Triphala is a herbal concoction of three medicinal plants – Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula). It helps
  • Relieve constipation issue. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Triphala Churna powder in warm water for a couple of nights before sleeping.
  • Reduce weight. Triphala has rich antioxidant and anti-obesity properties that help burn unwanted fat effectively. Drink Triphala powder mixed in warm water every night before bed and in the morning on an empty stomach for effective results.
  • Maintain blood pressure. Since Triphala contains essential fatty acids and anti-spasmodic properties, it can reduce and prevent high blood pressure.
  • Prevent Cancer. Triphala has high radioprotective, antineoplastic, chemotherapeutic, and cancer preventive abilities. Hence, it contributes massively to preventing life-taking Cancer.
  • Reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels naturally.
  • Balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and transform your health to a good condition.
Frequent consumption of home remedy Triphala drink can prove a life savior to you in many cases. Stay healthy. Feature Image Credit: Pinterest.

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