Follow These Hindu Rituals And Ward Off Your Bad Luck!

Bad luck can arrives in the life of an individual at any phase of his life. But when it appears, it makes the person afraid of it due to the negative impact and influence of bad luck or bad time. So, in Hinduism, few steps can help you ward off any negative magnetism of bad luck from your life. Follow these 8 steps:

    1. Light some Agarbatti or incense sticks around you. Practicing this ritual with an odd number of incenses is one of the quickest ways to eliminate bad luck.

2. Always wear your lucky charm. In a few cultures, wearing lucky charms, particularly key lockets, helps people deal with faulty luck.

3. 8 goldfish with 1 blackfish. A goldfish kept in your house brings positivity and good luck. It also discharges ill-fortune.

4. Salt cleansing rituals. Sea salt or rock salt is counted as a magnificent tool in cleansing the human aura from negative energies or influences.

5. Decorate your house with precious stones. Keeping several precious stones or gems in your home can positively ward off negative energies.

6. Coins bring great fortune. Finding a coin on the road not only gets you wealth yet enhances good opportunities.

7. Do not throw broken pieces of mirror away. A simple act of throwing a broken piece of a mirror can seal your success and destiny.

8. The iron horseshoe has a long history as a dominant good luck charm all over the world.

So, practice these rituals above-mentioned and eliminate negative influences or poor luck with ease.

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